Cake designs are such a super melodious and super exposed sometimes that they have everything on them that you love and like. Most of the cake designs are built in a manner that a person gets shocked that whether these are eatables or just for a show piece. Yes, it does happen many times and I am not wrong you know it too. I mean I have heard of many cake designs in my life and have witnessed it through my eyes too but I never did saw or heard about dragon cakes ever in my life. Before writing about these cakes I have been thinking till one hour that in which occasions do these cakes could be used and writing about dragon wedding cakes made be more perplexed to think are these wedding material too? Well, definitely they are and trust me they look equally awesome too. I have seen many pictures of dragon wedding cakes and after that I can find that really these are wedding materials. Two to three tired luxury cakes having dragon figures either by cream or dragon pieces by frosting fondants. Many of those having topsy turvy dragon like styles too. Yes, they definitely look good and reflect a cultural trend of many countries like Cambodia too.

Wedding Cake with Butterflies

This wedding cakes decoration shows us how you can turn a simple cake into an amazing one with just some ornaments. Without the butterflies and flowers, this cake seems useless for a wedding  reception. Though, as you can see here, it can be an easy-to-do and charming wedding cake with some effort. Having it made by a professional will notn cost so much and you can buy the ornaments from a mall. At the end, you will have a cost effective and good looking wedding cake.

Wedding Reception: Things to Consider?

After saying “I do” to all the promises and vows that you and your bride would make to each other to start new ravishing life with a beautiful kiss that would flaunt the environment with all romance and beauty of love, you need to celebrate that beginning as well to show your true happiness and to make every one part of that fascination that has touched your life. Wedding receptions are functions or parties that are thrown to celebrate your ultimate happiness in your life. Many people hire event planners to plan their functions to make them rock before everyone ...

Sitting Couple Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers are the indispensible part of wedding cakes. We don't know what you think but for us, it is impossible to think about a wedding cake without a proper topper. This wedding cake topper seems creative. The bride and the groom are sitting on top of the cake and bride is about to kiss the bride on his cheek. Their bare feet makes us think that they are are sitting on a deck and they put their feet into water.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom wedding cake toppers are perfect choice for the couples who want their wedding to be unique with  its  all aspects.  This is completely natural since a wedding is one of the most important days in a person's life. And it should be remembered as a unique one, even we are talking about a cake topper. Here are some custom wedding cake toppers which may give you an idea for your own cake topper. [gallery columns="1" orderby="rand" size="full"]

Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion of anyone’s life and this is a day where every bride wishes to look as perfect as she ever dreamt about being one. Every single thing counts a lot in your wedding and it should be in perfect order and beauty that would make people remember your wedding for many reasons. Wedding hairstyle is an important thing to be planned well and trust me hairstyle is itself in an important ingredient in your looks and it either makes you look ugly or beautiful and it affect multiplies by two on your big day. Most ...

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