Dragon Wedding Cakes

Cake designs are such a super melodious and super exposed sometimes that they have everything on them that you love and like. Most of the cake designs are built in a manner that a person gets shocked that whether these are eatables or just for a show piece. Yes, it does happen many times and I am not wrong you know it too. I mean I have heard of many cake designs in my life and have witnessed it through my eyes too but I never did saw or heard about dragon cakes ever in my life. Before writing about these cakes I have been thinking till one hour that in which occasions do these cakes could be used and writing about dragon wedding cakes made be more perplexed to think are these wedding material too? Well, definitely they are and trust me they look equally awesome too. I have seen many pictures of dragon wedding cakes and after that I can find that really these are wedding materials. Two to three tired luxury cakes having dragon figures either by cream or dragon pieces by frosting fondants. Many of those having topsy turvy dragon like styles too. Yes, they definitely look good and reflect a cultural trend of many countries like Cambodia too.