Every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be as memorable as they can possibly make it, and will put their utmost effort into planning it down to the smallest detail. The bridal and bridesmaid’s gowns, the grooms and groomsmen’s tuxedos, the flowers and cake and reception meal, the rings and the honeymoon arrangements are all the subject of great debate and anxiety, and even the most financially conservative couples are often willing to splurge on their weddings.

One uncommon way of adding a distinctive touch to a wedding is by selecting wedding cakes with fountains, which will add that longed-for touch of unforgettable drama to the happy day’s proceedings.

It’s not something new, if u remembers the Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten in Nov. 16, 1947, so you must know that they made a cake of over 500-pound and nine-foot high in which the four-tier cake took five and a half weeks to make and ten hours to bake. Included in the recipe were seven lucky charms – a bachelor button, a wedding ring, a thimble, a donkey, a 3-penny coin, a wishbone, and a horseshoe, all made of silver. Almost same is the case of Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom wedding cake toppers are perfect choice for the couples who want their wedding to be unique with  its  all aspects.  This is completely natural since a wedding is one of the most important days in a person's life. And it should be remembered as a unique one, even we are talking about a cake topper. Here are some custom wedding cake toppers which may give you an idea for your own cake topper. [gallery columns="1" orderby="rand" size="full"]

Gorgeous Wedding Cake with Perfect Decoration

This picture shows us how effective the decoration of a wedding cake can be. Here, a  four layered wedding cake is presented with a wooden cake stand. Candles in glasses are used for an exclusive decoration. The color of flowers put on the  table is compatible with the candle lights. If you examine the picture deeply, you can see that the design of the cake is not so exaggerated. However, it looks gorgeous with its perfect decoration. This is what you can also do for your own wedding cakes decorations.

Climbing to the Top Wedding Cake Topper

This wedding cakes topper is one of our favourites. Here, the bride is on the top, maybe it symbolises that she is in the dreams of the groom. She looks gorgeous with her princess style wedding gown. And the groom is trying to reach the girl of his dreams. The design of the cake should also be taken into consideration. We can see only the upper part, but it gives an idea about the rest of the cake. The heart-shaped sweets mounted reversely composes a perfect border line between the cake parts. And the flowers beginning from the side and ...

Orange Wedding Cakes

Colors can make anyone go crazy and trust me people never compromise on colors when it comes to indulge them in their important things. Orange is one of the most powerful colors that reflect enthusiasm, fury, fire and passion and is now widely used as a cake element in many occasions. Wedding being the gracious most occasion of your life demands your every favoritism that you want and also if anything is in the fashion that people never make late to adopt it. Orange wedding cakes are now commonly used in weddings to give a powerful and passionate touch to ...

Floral Wedding Cakes

Well I just love flowers and I can’t spend a day without them. They refresh my soul and relax myself and not only me I am sure flowers have the same impact on you too and you love to spend your days with them. Wedding is such a flowery occasion which is incomplete without flowers and actually cannot be perceived without flowers. Right from the bridal dress to bride hands, from decoration to theme and from jewelry to wedding cakes, every single thing depends upon flowers. Floral wedding cakes are the traditional wedding cakes that are been followed by people ...

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