Every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be as memorable as they can possibly make it, and will put their utmost effort into planning it down to the smallest detail. The bridal and bridesmaid’s gowns, the grooms and groomsmen’s tuxedos, the flowers and cake and reception meal, the rings and the honeymoon arrangements are all the subject of great debate and anxiety, and even the most financially conservative couples are often willing to splurge on their weddings.

One uncommon way of adding a distinctive touch to a wedding is by selecting wedding cakes with fountains, which will add that longed-for touch of unforgettable drama to the happy day’s proceedings.

It’s not something new, if u remembers the Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten in Nov. 16, 1947, so you must know that they made a cake of over 500-pound and nine-foot high in which the four-tier cake took five and a half weeks to make and ten hours to bake. Included in the recipe were seven lucky charms – a bachelor button, a wedding ring, a thimble, a donkey, a 3-penny coin, a wishbone, and a horseshoe, all made of silver. Almost same is the case of Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding.

Black and White Wedding Cakes

I really like this innovative era that has solved more than 80% of my problems and had many me feel that yes I am creative too. Black and white things were earlier considered as a result of lack of technology but now they are considered as the gift of technology. Yes I am not wrong in saying that most of us hated black and white things in our childhood as we were too prone towards colors but now after growing up at a good mature age, we consider them as simple, romantic and peaceful pattern. Black and white wedding cakes are ...

Victorian Wedding Cakes

I seriously love Victorian wedding traditions that really exhibit a good and soothing affects and make the wedding look like a Royal one. These really are sophisticated and artistic cakes that really give a beautiful vision and taste. I really love the tall, huge, grand and manifested structure of these wedding cakes and the way they are decorated is really an out of the world deal. Most of them have flowers as the mandatory embellishment items. Pink small flowers with too many small leaves on their surrounding look really pretty and they really give a classic beautiful touch that would ...

Spring Wedding Cakes

People have a lot of influence on their personalities of the month, weather, date and season they are born and many people do believe that same things work for your marriage as well. People are very particular about their choices pertaining to their weddings and they want everything to be in order right from the dress to the decorations and from the wedding cake to the wedding ring, everything should be in accordance to the season and environment. Seasons have their own charm, and if wedding is happening in winter or spring season, than it definitely add color to the ...

Tiffany Wedding Cake Designs

If you aware of deserts world than you surely would have heard name of Tiffany Company who has been doing excellent business in world of deserts for over decades and is a prominent name in quality and perfection. Every bride wants to have elite and branded things in her wedding but budgets may be the constraints that can work out negatively. Tiffany is among those companies that are not only branded but are expensive too with the 100% surety of quality and taste. Tiffany wedding cakes follow the old tradition with aquatic blue and sky blue colors along with white ...

Sitting Couple Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers are the indispensible part of wedding cakes. We don't know what you think but for us, it is impossible to think about a wedding cake without a proper topper. This wedding cake topper seems creative. The bride and the groom are sitting on top of the cake and bride is about to kiss the bride on his cheek. Their bare feet makes us think that they are are sitting on a deck and they put their feet into water.

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