Every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be as memorable as they can possibly make it, and will put their utmost effort into planning it down to the smallest detail. The bridal and bridesmaid’s gowns, the grooms and groomsmen’s tuxedos, the flowers and cake and reception meal, the rings and the honeymoon arrangements are all the subject of great debate and anxiety, and even the most financially conservative couples are often willing to splurge on their weddings.

One uncommon way of adding a distinctive touch to a wedding is by selecting wedding cakes with fountains, which will add that longed-for touch of unforgettable drama to the happy day’s proceedings.

It’s not something new, if u remembers the Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten in Nov. 16, 1947, so you must know that they made a cake of over 500-pound and nine-foot high in which the four-tier cake took five and a half weeks to make and ten hours to bake. Included in the recipe were seven lucky charms – a bachelor button, a wedding ring, a thimble, a donkey, a 3-penny coin, a wishbone, and a horseshoe, all made of silver. Almost same is the case of Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding.

Ethnic Wedding Cake Toppers

Earth is full of people who are from different ethnic origins. Many people like reflectings his/her ethnicity by means of attitudes, clothes, objects or something else. The situation can be same when we are talking about weddings. Ethnicity shows itself on wedding themes, dresses, jewellery and of course on wedding cakes toppers. If you dream of an ethnic-themed wedding, you may want to use ethnic wedding cake toppers, too. No matter what is your ethnic origin, african, hispanic, asian, indian etc; you can find a proper cake topper for your wedding cake. On this page, we want to share some ...

Monogram Cake Toppers for Weddings

Wedding cakes toppers are important on account of completing the design of a wedding cake. Among the other types of toppers, monogram cake toppers are one of the most personalized one. They are made of crystals or silver and goldcan, and they can be shaped according to your wish. If you are not planning a wedding which will have a certain theme and you are bored of classic toppers, we recommend you have a look at the monogram cake toppers below. [gallery columns="1" orderby="rand" size="full"]

Seashell Wedding Cakes

If you are searching for the best romantic theme of your wedding than beach or seashore is the best place where you can organize a romantic, beautiful and charming wedding and make this day special for your entire life. After selecting a good theme, you have to select everything that would blend well with the theme and cake is among those things that you need to make perfect to add charm in your evening. Seashell wedding cakes are the best wedding cakes that would go perfectly with beach theme and would add great harmony and romance in your wedding. Seashell ...

Spring Wedding Cakes

People have a lot of influence on their personalities of the month, weather, date and season they are born and many people do believe that same things work for your marriage as well. People are very particular about their choices pertaining to their weddings and they want everything to be in order right from the dress to the decorations and from the wedding cake to the wedding ring, everything should be in accordance to the season and environment. Seasons have their own charm, and if wedding is happening in winter or spring season, than it definitely add color to the ...

Green Wedding Cake

There are many people in world who want to celebrate their big days with their favorite colors and you would really find it true. Wedding is the big day for everyone’s life and you would never want to miss anything you love in that day, in fact you would love to show the world proudly that your favorite things are with you in this day. Among these favorite things, one of the things is your color that you love to use in your dress, theme, jewelry and cake. Green is my favorite color and really my wardrobe is filled with ...

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