Hexagon Wedding Cakes

Most of the people have their firm believe on shapes and they love to indulge different shapes in their different occasions. Well, it is quite common or any cakes to be of different shapes and people mostly consider shape part more than anything. You would see cakes of circle, triangle, horizontal, rectangle and hexagon shapes, they really look good and appealing. Hexagon shape has six edges and anything concerning to those six edges can really look great. Hexagon wedding cakes are a common part of many weddings nowadays reason being that people are tired of same old circle and square cakes and they need a good change so they have adopted hexagon shape in their cakes. But it has everything same as other types of cakes. You can embellish them with same frosting fondants of many flowers, leaves, natural scenes, bride and groom statues, rings, showers and many more. Further, I love the concept of ribbon like work covering all three to four steps of cakes in a dynamic manner. Ribbon work, pearls, original flower and leaves and sea shells can make a lot better work to decorate them and making evening for both bride and groom beautifully and tastefully.