Most of the people have their firm believe on shapes and they love to indulge different shapes in their different occasions. Well, it is quite common or any cakes to be of different shapes and people mostly consider shape part more than anything. You would see cakes of circle, triangle, horizontal, rectangle and hexagon shapes, they really look good and appealing. Hexagon shape has six edges and anything concerning to those six edges can really look great. Hexagon wedding cakes are a common part of many weddings nowadays reason being that people are tired of same old circle and square cakes and they need a good change so they have adopted hexagon shape in their cakes. But it has everything same as other types of cakes. You can embellish them with same frosting fondants of many flowers, leaves, natural scenes, bride and groom statues, rings, showers and many more. Further, I love the concept of ribbon like work covering all three to four steps of cakes in a dynamic manner. Ribbon work, pearls, original flower and leaves and sea shells can make a lot better work to decorate them and making evening for both bride and groom beautifully and tastefully.

Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

Our mothers are the most special part of our life and it is impossible that it’s our any big day and our mothers won’t be doing any preparations for themselves as they have tons of desires and wishes in their hearts pertaining to the marriage of their daughters that are reflected on the real marriage occasion. Mother of the bride hairstyles are one of the important ingredient of mother’s preparation for their daughter’s wedding and they need to be as sober and graceful as they can and trust me hairstyle plays an important role in shaping the personality of anyone. ...

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Everything in life can be made beautiful if we really want to make it and trust me our food items are ones that really need good presentation to make them more elite and luxurious. Many people in the world consume things because of their presentation and decoration that really allures them towards. Beautiful things have their own charm like you never would love to consume any sandwich if waiter gives you without salad leaf, ketchup and fries. Similarly beautiful wedding cakes have their own charm to attract and satisfy your guests and make them feel great in your wedding. You ...

White Wedding Cake with Flowers

Here is a white wedding cake with flowers which can be proper for fall weddings. This three layered wedding cake is decorated with orange ornaments that symbolises the autumn. Orange flowers and stripes give that ambiance easily. Small decorative ornaments are put on the cake to decrease its simplicity. The cake stand has also the same color with the cream of the cake.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom wedding cake toppers are perfect choice for the couples who want their wedding to be unique with  its  all aspects.  This is completely natural since a wedding is one of the most important days in a person's life. And it should be remembered as a unique one, even we are talking about a cake topper. Here are some custom wedding cake toppers which may give you an idea for your own cake topper. [gallery columns="1" orderby="rand" size="full"]

Fairy Wedding Cake Design

Here is an amazing wedding cake which was perfectly designed. It is a product of a creative mind. The designer used small objects like ladders to bound the parts of the wedding cake. Thus, it looks like a palace with the use of castle-like wedding cakes topper. The mini pool under the highest wedding stand gives so much to the design of the cake. We souldn't forget to mention about the fairy tale cart waiting in front of the castle. And the last thing we want to talk about is the bride and groom cake toppers completing the design. It ...

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