Most of the people have their firm believe on shapes and they love to indulge different shapes in their different occasions. Well, it is quite common or any cakes to be of different shapes and people mostly consider shape part more than anything. You would see cakes of circle, triangle, horizontal, rectangle and hexagon shapes, they really look good and appealing. Hexagon shape has six edges and anything concerning to those six edges can really look great. Hexagon wedding cakes are a common part of many weddings nowadays reason being that people are tired of same old circle and square cakes and they need a good change so they have adopted hexagon shape in their cakes. But it has everything same as other types of cakes. You can embellish them with same frosting fondants of many flowers, leaves, natural scenes, bride and groom statues, rings, showers and many more. Further, I love the concept of ribbon like work covering all three to four steps of cakes in a dynamic manner. Ribbon work, pearls, original flower and leaves and sea shells can make a lot better work to decorate them and making evening for both bride and groom beautifully and tastefully.

Red and White Wedding Dresses

Dresses are one of the most common ingredients that play an important role in shaping your personalities. Trust me even if we are ugly in looks and are wearing good dresses than people find our personalities magnetic and they get attracted towards us within no time and this is the reason why world is filled with so many designers are getting fame day by day and are getting equal profits in their businesses. White is the common traditional wedding dress for the bride to wear and there is no doubt that it looks fascinating too, but what about giving it ...

Funny Wedding Invitations

People say it right that life is a fun and those who cater it as fun are never left behind with the passage of time. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life and in this day you need everything to be of you and your groom / bride’s choice to start the relation with great understanding and love. Fun is what most of the people lack in their weddings and they just pretend to be sober while those who consider life as a matter of joy and wedding as a fact to celebrate they don’t omit ...

Monogram Cake Toppers for Weddings

Wedding cakes toppers are important on account of completing the design of a wedding cake. Among the other types of toppers, monogram cake toppers are one of the most personalized one. They are made of crystals or silver and goldcan, and they can be shaped according to your wish. If you are not planning a wedding which will have a certain theme and you are bored of classic toppers, we recommend you have a look at the monogram cake toppers below. [gallery columns="1" orderby="rand" size="full"]

Diy Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Here is a simple sample for cupcake wedding cakes. As you can see, paper cups were used to cook the cupcakes. Then, they were decorated with simply-colored cake cream. The wooden cake stands were decorated with pink stripes. On the top , you can see a one-piece cake so as to complete the design. Small version of that cake were put around the  cake stand. This cake may seem horrible to you since it is very amateur, but if you have got the talent, you can make better designs by using various colors and decoration objects.

Authentically Designed Wedding Cake Stands

What makes a wedding cake looks awesome is not just its design. There are some other things that we call cake stands. Cleverly choosen wedding stands may be your best tools for decorating your wedding cake. You can turn a  simple wedding cake into a state of art by using the right stands and placing them authentically. The wedding cake stands that you see here are used for connecting the various parts of a wedding cake. You can place the ladder or bridge shaped stands between the parts of your wedding cake. You can also put a wedding cakes topper on ...

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