Most of the people have their firm believe on shapes and they love to indulge different shapes in their different occasions. Well, it is quite common or any cakes to be of different shapes and people mostly consider shape part more than anything. You would see cakes of circle, triangle, horizontal, rectangle and hexagon shapes, they really look good and appealing. Hexagon shape has six edges and anything concerning to those six edges can really look great. Hexagon wedding cakes are a common part of many weddings nowadays reason being that people are tired of same old circle and square cakes and they need a good change so they have adopted hexagon shape in their cakes. But it has everything same as other types of cakes. You can embellish them with same frosting fondants of many flowers, leaves, natural scenes, bride and groom statues, rings, showers and many more. Further, I love the concept of ribbon like work covering all three to four steps of cakes in a dynamic manner. Ribbon work, pearls, original flower and leaves and sea shells can make a lot better work to decorate them and making evening for both bride and groom beautifully and tastefully.

Wedding Cupcakes with Cream

These cupcake wedding cakes are made in two colors and aromas. They taste chocolate and vanilla. You can also see the decoration with chocolate and vanilla cream. There are two heart shaped cookies on top of the cupcakes. The cookies are pink and red, which probably symbolise the happy couple. If you don't want to deal with the service of the wedding cakes, you can choose cupcake wedding cakes for easy delivery.

Wedding Cake Decorated with Blue Flowers

This four floors wedding cake has an amazing apperance. The designer used ligh-blue cream to cover the whole cake. What makes it so amazing is the painting which wass done all over it. Dark blue was used to make the decoration more eye-catching. Small dots circling each floor are very useful so as to make the borders between floors more visible. Although its perfect design, what is missing on this cake is a wedding cake topper. An attractive wedding cakes stand could also be used to complete the design.

Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion of anyone’s life and this is a day where every bride wishes to look as perfect as she ever dreamt about being one. Every single thing counts a lot in your wedding and it should be in perfect order and beauty that would make people remember your wedding for many reasons. Wedding hairstyle is an important thing to be planned well and trust me hairstyle is itself in an important ingredient in your looks and it either makes you look ugly or beautiful and it affect multiplies by two on your big day. Most ...

Wedding Bouquets

Holding beautiful white bouquet in her hand, wearing a dazzling white beautiful gown with long tail that’s covering the entire hall with its twinkling pearls and sequences illuminating the entire evening, walking reluctantly but beautifully wearing a smile on her face and giving her hand slightly in the hand of her groom to say it whole heartedly “I do”. This all is the charm of that wedding bouquet that a bride sophisticatedly holds in her hand and starts her new journey of life. Wedding bouquets are the essential ingredients of every wedding when everything is done but wedding bouquets are ...

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

What I consider is long hairs are really blessing and it’s the aim of every girl to get as long hairs as Rapunzel whether she is a three year old child who has just read that bed time story or an adult who wishes to get pageant crown on her head. Hairstyles get their large variety in long hairs and it equally looks beautiful too to carry any hairstyle in long hairs. Wedding occasion really needs perfection in everything and especially if bride is beautiful with long hairs than this perfection automatically multiplies by two as she doesn’t need to ...

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