Wedding tables are the primary piece of attraction for your all guests as definitely they sit on the chairs aligned with the tables and so their eyes go on table more than on any other decorative item. Wedding tables should be decorated enough to capture good attention of people. There are varieties of wedding table decorations that can work best for your wedding. Initially covering a wedding table with a good piece of cloth is the fairest idea that undertakes other ideas quite easily and sophisticatedly. Decorate the table placing lots of rose petals in scattered manner that would add a beautifully romantic feeler to the environment. Add bouquets and flower vases to cover the table giving it a perfect flowery look. Place lamps and candle stands on the centre of the table, trust me it is the best thing ever to decorate your wedding tables with, giving you a perfect romantic atmosphere to celebrate biggest evening of your life. I just love the concept of candles in glasses which really is romantic and charming too. Placing pearls, ribbons and bunties is also great wedding table decoration idea. You can also place wine bottles on wedding tables to add glamour, lavishness and romance in the environment.

Diy Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Here is a simple sample for cupcake wedding cakes. As you can see, paper cups were used to cook the cupcakes. Then, they were decorated with simply-colored cake cream. The wooden cake stands were decorated with pink stripes. On the top , you can see a one-piece cake so as to complete the design. Small version of that cake were put around the  cake stand. This cake may seem horrible to you since it is very amateur, but if you have got the talent, you can make better designs by using various colors and decoration objects.

Wedding Color Schemes

Colors are the top menu of every occasion and believe me or not but every occasion is known with the color it has. Most of the colors like white, red and black are common colors to adopt in any occasion and these are the ones that are universally liked by many people and are suitable for wedding like occasions too. Wedding color schemes add color in your wedding and they really embark it with energy and fury and add glamour as well. Wedding color schemes are the colors one should apply in their weddings to make them great, however color combinations ...

Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Well there is no harm in indulging things in your wedding that you love most and flowers are among those things that everyone loves but with a difference of its types. Do you love flowers and you want to indulge them in everything at your wedding right from your dress to jewelry and from decoration to cakes. Sunflower is among those flowers that reflect peace and harmony and this flower really is best for summery wedding occasions. Sunflower wedding cakes may not be the common ones but I can guarantee you that people who love them, never wish to omit ...

Pink Wedding Cakes

Well, pink is my favorite color and I cannot miss any chance of indulging it anywhere not even on my wedding cake. Yes, on wedding cake, did u ever heard of pink wedding cakes? Well, this is one of the cutest things that your wedding needs. Pink wedding cakes necessarily are not childish cakes that you would plan for your baby girl’s first birthday; it is rather a beauty and elegance too. You can have two to three ladder cakes in pink color and can have beautiful cake accessories like pearls, dummies, bounties or roses to décor your wedding cakes. ...

Gorgeous Wedding Cake with Perfect Decoration

This picture shows us how effective the decoration of a wedding cake can be. Here, a  four layered wedding cake is presented with a wooden cake stand. Candles in glasses are used for an exclusive decoration. The color of flowers put on the  table is compatible with the candle lights. If you examine the picture deeply, you can see that the design of the cake is not so exaggerated. However, it looks gorgeous with its perfect decoration. This is what you can also do for your own wedding cakes decorations.

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